DenseHistogram->Calculate() methods returns empty bins

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DenseHistogram->Calculate() methods returns empty bins

Post by lordserega » Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:49 pm


I am trying to use a DenseHistogram, but unfortunately I always get empty histogram. Here is the piece of code I am running

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DenseHistogram  hist=gcnew DenseHistogram(128, Emgu::CV::Structure::RangeF(0,4095));

Emgu::CV::Image<Gray,UInt16>^imageGrab=gcnew Emgu::CV::Image<Gray,UInt16>(AcqWinWidth /*320*/,AcqWinHeight/*240*/);
///getting the image
hist->Calculate(imageGrab->Split(),false, nullptr);


when I checked the structure hist after calculte all my bins are zero - is that a bug, or some part of my code above is not correct?

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