Img Difference on marble pictures

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Img Difference on marble pictures

Post by morellonoidea » Thu Jan 30, 2020 3:53 pm

Hi All,

We have got a photo system able to take pictures automatically of marble slabs.

I'm pretty new to Emgu and i would like to perform a segmentation of slabs marble image.
I need to select only the marble slab and isolate it from the background.

I have got two image :
1) the empty roller
2) the slabs over the same roller.

I can have different slabs with different color and shape so I think image difference could not be possible.

I am wondering to use Template Maching, for example checking the pattern on the empty roller if is similar to the pattern in the same x,y position of the image with the slabs.

I need some suggestion so how to start.
Please have a look to the attached images. ... k1-srOqV_W ... 6DD0gsh6U1
Many thanks for your help.

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